I'm Lars Jansen, photo-designer, 39 years old and born in Germany. Mainly I shoot concerts and bands in Punk Rock, Hardcore and Metal but also surfing, street art and other stuff. However, I'm always open for something new and challenging.

 "Can music change your life? This is what Lars Jansen may think every time he takes his camera to photograph a concert, a skater or a surfer riding a wave. Since he was a kid he was attracted by the magic of photography, although his family never encouraged him to devote himself to his passion. But everything changed in the early 90’s when he saw photos of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and other Seattle bands. He decided to take pictures of all the shows he was attending and try to make a living from it. A few years later he moved to the Algarve (southern Portugal) to portray its surfing scene. Soon after, the biggest brands started to ask for his images, and today he has become a regular photographer for the most prestigious magazines. 2011 is going to be a very busy year for Lars, as he is preparing a travelling exhibition on rock bands and is also working on the release of his first photo book. For many people this is a dream. For him it is something that started with a little rock n ‘roll."
(STAF Magazine, December 2010)